Anniversary Gemstones.

1st Anniversary        Gold Jewelry

2nd Anniversary        Garnet.

3rd Anniversary        Cultured or Natural Pearls.               

4th Anniversary       Blue Topaz.

5th Anniversary      Sapphire.

6th Anniversary    Amethyst.

7th Anniversary    Onyx.

8th Anniversary   Tourmaline.

9th Anniversary   Lapis Lazuli.

10th Anniversary   Diamond Jewelry.

11th Anniversary   Turquoise.

12th Anniversary  Jade.

13th Anniversary  Citrine.

14th Anniversary   Opal.

15th Anniversary  Ruby.

16th Anniversary  Peridot.

17th Anniversary  Watches.

18th Anniversary  Cat’s Eye.

19th Anniversary  Aquamarine.

20 Anniversary  Emerald.

21 Anniversary Iolite.

22nd Anniversary  Spinel.

23rd  Anniversary   Imperial Topaz.

24th Anniversary  Tanzanite.

25th Anniversary  Silver Jubilee.

30th Anniversary  Cultured or Natural  Pearl Jubilee.

35th Anniversary   Emerald.

40th Anniversary    Ruby.

45th Anniversary   Sapphire.

50th Anniversary  Golden Jubilee.

55th Anniversary   Alexandrite.

60th Anniversary  Diamond.


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