“Mere color , unspoiled by meaning , and unallied  with definite form , can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”–Oscar Wilde.                                                                               Our reaction to Color is instinctive and cannot be controlled. By learning the effect of each color we begin to understand why we are drawn to some colored Gemstones more than others, which will help us to choose the right colored Gemstone for every occasion.

Aquamarine faceted nugget necklace with Sterling Silver  Rainbow Moonstone pendant.Citrine faceted  nuggets  semiprecious stones  necklaceChrysoprase Faceted Rondelle  with Chrysoprase Green Solar Quartz Coin Stalactite pendant, necklace Red Jasper semiprecious gemstones, necklace.Necklace with Crystal Quartz semiprecious stones and rose Swarovski crystal heart  pendant.Crystal Quartz,Citrine semiprecious stones and Imperial Gold Aura Quartz,necklace


RED  symbolizes: Action ,Confidence, Courage, Vitality.

PINK symbolizes: Love, Beauty.

ORANGE symbolizes: Vitality with Endurance.

YELLOW symbolizes: Wisdom, Joy, Happiness, Intellectual Energy.

GREEN symbolizes:Life, Nature, Fertility, Well Being.

BLUE symbolizes: Youth, Spirituality, Truth, Peace.

PURPLE  symbolizes:  Royalty, Magic, Mystery.

INDIGO symbolizes:  Intuition, Meditation.

BROWN symbolizes: Earth, Order, Convention.

GOLD symbolizes: Wealth, Prosperity, Wisdom.

WHITE symbolizes:  Purity, Cleanliness.

BLACK symbolizes: Grounding, Earth, Stability.

GRAY symbolizes: Security, Maturity.


COLOR.                                              QUALITY.

RED.                                                   Energizing.

PINK.                                                 Accepting.

ORANGE.                                          Releasing.

YELLOW.                                          Organizing.

GREEN.                                             Balancing.

BLUE.                                                Communicating.

PURPLE (VIOLET)                         Integrating.

INDIGO BLUE.                                Cooling.

BROWN.                                             Enabling.

BLACK.                                             Grounding.

WHITE.                                             Cleansing.

CLEAR.                                             Clarifying.




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