Sky,Clouds and the Birds.

Sky,Clouds and the Birds.

Capturing today’s sky in Athens.


About iridonousa

Searching and Expressing Beauty, Color, Values and Subtle Energies that make our World a Joy to Live in. My medium for all these things are Gemstones and Metal Jewelry . Love the Natural, Vivid, full of Subtle Energies Gemstones and combining them with Silver or Gold metals I strive to make Beautiful Jewelry. Hope you like and Enjoy them as much as I Enjoy making them.
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2 Responses to Sky,Clouds and the Birds.

    • iridonousa says:

      Exactly! They were very happy flying over the lake!
      They were sitting all together on the surface of the water of the lake and then all together were flying up to the sky!
      It was like they were playing some game!
      Thank you for visiting and the comment.

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